Drones Legalized in Kenya, how will it affect Logistics Industry?

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Drones Legalized in Kenya, how will it affect Logistics Industry?

It has come as a sigh of relief to the Drone enthusiast after the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (K.C.A.A) has gazetted the proposed Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems 2018 thus rendering the use of drones in Kenya legal. The question is, how will it affect the Transportation and Logistics’ Industry like Allied Services & Logistics Group Ltd?

Store to Consumer

One of the areas where drone use will see the most significant growth is in delivery from the store or warehouse to the end consumer. In this scenario, a customer might order a product online via the store’s e-commerce portal and a drone would be dispatched to their location the same day. The problem with this situation is that drones have a limited range, so this type of delivery would only be an option within a specified area surrounding a warehouse or retail location.

Inventory Management

While store to consumer delivery might be the first thing that comes to mind where drones are concerned, there’s another potential development that logistics companies should consider – inventory management. This would require larger, heavier duty drone models, but those are already in development. In this scenario, large drones could move between different warehouses, supplying needed items from one to another to meet regional or local demand and to balance inventory levels without having to resort to trucking.

Claims / Returns

Consumers and retailers face an uphill battle when it comes to returns and claims. Drones have the potential to streamline this aspect of the logistics industry. For instance, a retailer could use a heavier duty drone to send back the damaged portion of a pallet of freight. A drone could be dispatched to a consumer’s home to pick up a defective product. Both would help eliminate road congestion and emissions while providing a more expedient process than what is currently available.

Of course, drone use within the logistics sector still has a long way to go. One of the most pressing concerns for proponents of these unmanned vehicles is legislation.  Kenyan laws concerning drone operation have been legalized in Kenya however, the regulations may prove to be a bottleneck to anyone, especially individuals or Industries’, who would want to operate drones in Kenya.

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